VCC – Why Singapore


Assets under management across the Asia Pacific are expected to increase to US$29.6 trillion by 2025, from US$15.1 trillion in 2017, equating to roughly one-third of the total investment pool in the region.  Singapore is strategically located to tap into this growing space and with the ecosystem and economic support provided, Singapore is a top choice for setting up fund management operations focused on investments in Asia. It is also an attractive alternative to the likes of the Cayman Island for the incorporation of investment funds and with the introduction of the VCC framework, this further strengthens Singapore’s as the Asian hub for fund domiciliation and management.

Political Stability

  • Singapore has one of the most stable political environments in Asia, offering entrepreneurs and investors a strong sense of security and comfort. Its judicial system has been recognized as one of the most efficient in Asia
  • Singapore has a persistently low crime rate and offers residents a high degree of personal safety. In the event of cross-border disputes, businesses can rely on Singapore’s reputation as a world-class arbitration facility.

Economic Stability

  • Singapore’s GDP has increased consistently year on year. This growth is propelled by Singapore’s sound macroeconomic policies which are aimed at maintaining a conducive environment for long-term investment in the economy.
  • Fiscal policy is directed primarily at promoting long-term economic growth, rather than cyclical changes or distributing income. As a result of its healthy fiscal position and consistent budget surpluses over the years, Singapore has attained a high level of foreign reserves and the strongest sovereign credit rating for long-term foreign-currency debt in Asia.


  • Singapore is a global financial centre with an ecosystem that offers access to the full suite of support services such as lawyers, accounts, fund administrators and custodians
  • There is unmatched access to the world where Singapore’s Changi Airport has been named the world’s best airport consistently and continues to be one of the world’s busiest airports

Tax Treaties

  • 87 comprehensive double taxation agreements in place
  • Singapore provides the fund platform, the manager and associated core functions all in one location which allows for strong access to tax treaties