Something Offbeat – Blue Bottle Gin

Something Offbeat – Blue Bottle Gin

Distiller: Three Fingers Distillery

Alcohol Content: 47%

Location: Guernsey

Botanicals: Juniper, Nutmeg, Cubeb Pepper & Gorse Flower


Blue Bottle Gin is a premium small batch gin distilled at the Three Fingers Distillery located in Guernsey. The gin is meticulously distilled using a single copper still which allows the distillery to maintain an extremely high level of control over the quality of the gin produced.

The Taste

If you like your gin floral in nature or you just so happen to be a fan of the Botanist gin then do I have good news for you! The predominant flavour here is the nutmeg which makes it sweet with a touch of spice from cubeb pepper. This combination makes it stand out in the crowded gin space and I would highly recommend adding one to your collection if you can find it.  

How to drink

For the classic G&T cocktail, the fever tree range of tonic is highly recommended. My personal favourite is using the Mediterranean tonic with a few slices of lime to match the gin. The gin itself is very flavourful so there is no need to take things too far with flavoured tonics that could overpower the gin itself.

The Design

I had the opportunity of meeting Matt Poli, the master distiller at the Three Fingers Distillery who happily showed me around and described the inspiration for the very unique label design utilized. During a college project involving the study of flies, Matt was struck by the intricate details and vivid colour of the blue bottle fly and the rest as they say is history. Blue Bottle thus refers to the fly it was named for and not the colour of the bottle (also not to be confused with Bombay Sapphire gin).

Where to get it

Just drop us an email : )