Sometimes businesses have a ton of standard contracts such as NDAs and service agreements to review with either no time for an in-depth review or valuable resources are channelled towards clearing them. Your options appear to be leaving your business exposed or wasting your legal department’s time in standard form review. We believe we can assist greatly as we have integrated the use of artificial intelligence (“AI”) into our systems for the review of standard contracts. AI has enabled us to review these documents in a fraction of the time whilst maintaining the same high quality of review. Not to worry, the robot lawyer only does the first pass of review, our lawyers then check the work before sending the results back to you.  Find out more below!

Artificial Intelligence


We not only use AI for contract review, but we also implement it for due diligence either in a M&A scenario or for an IPO. This allows us to trawl through a huge number of documents in a shorter amount of time with the bonus effect of reducing human error! The efficiency generated creates value for our clients as well as cost savings. Contact us if you wish to find out more!

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