Your privacy is of utmost importance to Foxwood. We endeavour to protect your personal data which may be collected from you by your interaction with us or by engaging our services.

This Policy supplements but does not supersede nor replace any other consents you may have previously provided to Foxwood in respect of your personal data. We may from time to time update this Policy. Updates will be posted on our website.

  1. Collection of Personal Data
    1. Your personal data may be collected in various ways including:
      1. in the course of your engaging our services, or your providing documentation or information to us;
      2. when you communicate or interact with us via telephone, letters, face-to-face meetings, our website, email or other modes of contact;
      3. when you attend a seminar or other event organised by us;
      4. photographs or videos taken by us or our representatives when you attend events hosted by us; and
      5. when you request that you be included in an email or other mailing list.
    2. Generally, the purposes for which we collect, use and disclose personal data include:
      1. providing our services;
      2. responding to, processing and handling your queries, feedback and suggestions;
      3. verifying your identity, processing payments as well as managing our administrative and business operations;
      4. complying with applicable laws and regulations, codes of practice or guidelines, policies, procedures, regulatory requirements (which may extend to know-your-client and related reviews) and directions issued by relevant authorities; and
      5. any other purpose relating to any of the above.
    3. In addition, if you are seeking employment or any other appointment with Foxwood, the purposes for which we collect, use and disclose personal data include:
      1. processing and assessing your application;
      2. performing background checks, verifying your credentials and qualifications as well as obtaining employment references; and
      3. any other purpose relating to any of the above.
    4. In relation to particular services or in your interactions with us, we may also have specifically notified you of other purposes for which we collect, use or disclose your personal data. If so, we will collect, use and disclose your personal data for these additional purposes as well, unless we have specifically notified you otherwise.
  2. Using and Disclosing your Personal Data
    1. Using and Disclosing your Personal Data
      1. to technical consultants, experts and foreign law firms assisting with your matters;
      2. to agents, contractors or third-party service providers who provide operational or administrative services, such as courier services, telecommunications, information technology, payment, payroll processing, training, market research, storage, archival, client support services;
      3. in connection with professional indemnity policies, and to our professional advisers including auditors;
      4. to any relevant authorities, including professional regulatory bodies and/or law enforcement agencies, whether local or overseas;
      5. to any relevant authorities, including professional regulatory bodies and/or law enforcement agencies, whether local or overseas;
      6. where permitted under law, external business and charity partners in relation to our promotional events and seminars; and
      7. any other party to whom you authorise us to disclose your personal data.
    2. You further understand, acknowledge and agree that where you have engaged us to carry out any work in any jurisdictions outside Singapore, the transfer of your personal data records to these jurisdictions may be necessary to give effect to your instructions and that you request and consent to our so transmitting your personal data outside Singapore. Personal data may therefore be exported to, processed and accessed in countries whose laws provide a different level of protection, which may not necessarily be comparable to that provided in Singapore.
    3. Our website may contain links to other sites that are operated by third parties with different privacy practices. We have no control over and do not take any responsibility for these third-party websites and their personal data handling practices, and you are encouraged to review the personal data policies of web sites you choose to visit which are linked from our website.
  3. Withdrawal of Consent, Access and Correction of your Personal Data
    1. If you:
      1. have any questions or feedback relating to your personal data or our Policy;
      2. would like to withdraw your consent to any use of your personal data as set out in this Policy; or
      3. would like to obtain access and make corrections to your Personal Data records, please contact our Data Protection Officer, at the following email –

If you withdraw your consent to any or all use of your personal data, depending on the nature of your request, we may not be in a position to continue to provide our services to you.