Some answers to some common questions we get

Frequently Asked Questions

Not quite. The founders of Foxwood wanted dedicated solutions for our users and so in following our creed of right resource for the right task, 3 distinct arms were created. Foxwood LLC is the law firm which handles complex matters with many moving parts. Foxwood Personal Services is the platform where we automate common legal services such as Wills, LPAs and Deed Polls. We are constantly adding new personal legal services to the platform so do stay tuned! Foxwood Corporate Services is where we have partnered with top in class service providers to provide standardized business solutions for startups and SMEs all under one roof.

Absolutely not! We pride ourselves on being approachable and if we cannot provide assistance, we will do our best to recommend someone who can.

Firstly congrats on your new business! While we are happy that you have decided to get your legal documentation in place, we highly recommend checking out Foxwood Corporate Services (“FCS”). We have placed all our standardized legal templates on to the FCS platform and FCS works with several other partners to ensure that almost all the needs of a startup are met. If after checking FCS out and nothing there helps, we are always happy to assist.

Indeed we do! We created an online platform to provide services such as Lasting Power of Attorney certification, drafting of your last Will and Testament, submission of a Deed Poll to effect a name change and more. Our aim is to provide standardized personal legal services in a fuss free manner and at affordable prices. Check out these personal legal services here today!

Please contact us at hello@foxwood.sg and we will be in touch with you soon.