Founders’ Ramblings

Its 2022 at last! Despite this being season #3 of the covid pandemic, we are cautiously optimistic that this may be the year that we all stop treading water and possibly get back to a lifestyle more similar to pre-Covid years. Lurking in the shadows of this newly lit hope are the endless variants which will make it feel the new season of Loki has come early (the Marvel TV series airing on Disney+) but there is light! Let us all hang in there!

As Foxwood and FCS enter its 5th year of business, we have decided to start a bi-monthly newsletter which will see contributions from our valued partners as well as clients. This newsletter will cover a broad range of topics in the corporate advisory and private wealth space, offering the perspectives of both service providers and end users. To spice things up, our newsletter which is aptly named as The Fox’s Den will also feature things that may be of interest to anyone at large and not just industry players. Think art, technology, rare collectibles and more! Life is too short and unpredictable to be all work and no play. Further, we will also be releasing a series of fireside chats bimonthly in a video format also featuring our valued partners and clients. These video chats will seek to throw up what our guests think of various industry trends, the pain points they have faced and solutions that paid off for them.

For our inaugural issue of the Fox’s Den, we will kick of with a look at why Singapore is such a hotspot for Family Offices by our partners as well as an introduction to the realm of Litigation Financing (potential alternative investment anyone?). This issue will then be capped off with a look at the little known gem of a gin known as Blue Bottle as well as a spotlight on a really exciting artist, James Jean.