1. Are you guys REALLY a law firm?

Yes! We understand that you may have your doubts, lawyers cannot really be this friendly and accessible right? Where are the stuffy boring lawyers that we have gotten so used to? Please go to this link, Click “Type of Practice” and in the dropdown area select Singapore Law Practice then type “Foxwood” into the search box.

2. Are the free templates REALLY free? What is the catch?

The free templates are exactly that, free for you to use with no catch at all! Do take note of the differences between the free templates and those that come with our guidance in the charts provided.

3. Why is there a shopping cart? Are you a blog shop??

We have integrated an e-commerce platform into our website in order to deliver legal products rather than shoes and dresses. You add the products you want to the cart, create an account if you are not signed up with us, pay and you are set! Find out more about our 2 products, templates and legal review. 

4. Why are the prices so low? Some of the templates are even free!

We believe in becoming more accessible in a very transparent way. Properly documenting each step of your business is vital and we would rather that we push our prices way down to ensure that you are less exposed rather than walking around a minefield blind. Naturally, we hope that as your business grows and the complexity of your transactions increase, we would get the chance to come along for the ride.

5. What do I get for my money? (Fine print was TLDR)

You get various levels of service for each different product.

  1. Free templates – you are completely on your own, think of this a 100% DIY option and at your own risk
  2. Paid templates with legal advice – we enter into a lawyer/client relationship with you and we will guide you through the document to fit your needs. Filling in the blanks such your details, your counterpart details etc are done by you. Think of this as a 50% DIY option which allows us to keep the prices low
  3. Legal Review – we enter into a lawyer/client relationship with you and we will review the documents submitted to us as per your requirements within 48 hours. Think of this as us giving you in house counsel capability without you having to hire one full time.
  4. Bespoke Legal Services – we enter into a lawyer/client relationship with you and we do all that is necessary to give you the business solution you require. This will usually be the costliest option.
  5. Corporate Services – Our corporate services arm will assist you with your corporate secretarial needs as well as your bookkeeping requirements. Once you have signed up, you can leave the rest to us. Your annual filing obligations will no longer have to be on your mind and you can then focus on the things that actually matter to your business.
6. Why I am required to provide so much information before creating an account?

We are required to conduct a KYC (Know your client) check on our clients to ensure that they are who they say they are (ie not money launderers, terrorists and criminals).

7. What is this conflict check? I want to cooperate, not create conflict!

We conduct this check to ensure that there is no conflict of interest when we act on your behalf. If there is a potential conflict, we will notify you of such and if any money has been sent to us, it will be immediately refunded in full.

8. Is the information that I provide to you secure?

Yes! We took pains to ensure that all sensitive information is not kept on the website servers. We take your privacy and confidentiality very seriously.

9. Tell me more about you guys!

We would be delighted to! Check out our bios on the contact us page here and our blog here.We will periodically be announcing via Facebook and our blog on where we might be doing coffee for a couple of hours each time, so if you are in the area…..

10. Love the photos scattered across the website! Who took those photos?

Kay Isabedra is the talent behind this and she can be reached at kisabedra@gmail.com

11. Love the logo! Who designed it?

The dude is called ZZ (for reals) and he can be reached at zhongzhigoh@gmail.com

12. Love the videos! Who produced it?

It was made by a wonderful local media production house known as Graphiss Media and they can be reached at info@graphiss.com

13. Love the website! Who developed it?

We have Nerb Media to thank for the great work and they can be reached at customer@nerb.com.sg