Artist Spotlight – Casper Kang

IG: @casper_kang
Born: 1981
Hometown: Toronto
Based In: Seoul

Casper Kang has always enjoyed the arts, though he never thought to pursue it seriously until he moved to Seoul.

After attaining his bachelor’s degree in Architecture at Carleton University and a 2-year period working at several architectural firms, he abandoned the corporate world to pursue a painting career.

Asterisks frequently appear in most of his works, as both his signature and logo. Symbolizing that which is “special” and emphasizing the sentimental quality of “apathetic personal interpretation” in modern society. As an asterisk is used to signify something of importance in a text, Casper Kang’s asterisk paintings, when hung in a certain space, announce that that space is “special”.

2011- Banishment I, II, III, IV, V

2012, Casper Kang Renders Images Utilizing Traditional Eastern Motifs. Psychedelic art and traditional Asian art are two forms of expression that attract vastly different crowds, but Casper Kang has managed to fuse the two styles together to create something inventive yet familiar.

Casper Kang’s work centers around the futility of all things, up to and including the culture of his own motherland that is still so precious to him. It is, after all, only through full comprehension and acceptance of such meaninglessness that we can ever hope to reach real meaning. In this sense, by quite literally deconstructing Hanji, a medium of traditional Korean art, the artist empties it of all its cultural symbolism and themes. After all it is only then, rendered subject through this reversal, that the empty figure can truly know desire — the desire to be filled with the meaninglessness of the world.

Casper Kang’s solo exhibition at Sophis Gallery

Casper Kang has held 11 solo exhibitions along with over 30 group shows at venues such as Coreana Art Museum, Daelim Museum, Kyobo Art Space and M Contemporary. He has collaborated with variety of entities including Amore Pacific, Adidas, RYSE Hotel and Gentlemonster’s beauty brand- Tamburin

He currently continues to enjoy a fine arts career living in Seoul.