Introducing HopeBox: Transforming re-purposed shipping containers into well-designed enterprises

We are excited to announce that we are the preferred legal partners for Hopebox Organization and aim to support them in all their legal needs.

HopeBox is a social enterprise with the goal to fight poverty by creating microbusinesses that unlock the hidden potential of local communities.

Supported by a collaborative ecosystem, local entrepreneurs work alongside international partners with domain expertise to transform re-purposed shipping containers into well-designed enterprises that serve as a sustainable source of livelihood and create waves of impact within each community.

Poverty is the lack of many things but it is the profound lack of hope that sustains the poverty trap for billions of people.

The organization believes that to truly solve these social issues, we need to find solutions that are transformative, collaborative and sustainable.

Powered by the versatility of re-purposed shipping containers, HopeBox can take any form imaginable – a school, a hostel, a dive bar, a café and everything in between. Beyond the physical manifestation of the box, what it ultimately represents is simple.


The first (box) collaboration by HopeBox is with Dreamkids Kindergarten Singapore started in mid-October 2017.

Dreambox is a project to bring education and happiness to underprivileged children in Aceh, Indonesia. By transforming a re-purposed shipping container into a thoughtfully designed classroom, DreamBox provides a safe and conducive learning environment for these children, whose school had been destroyed by the 6.5 magnitude earthquake in late 2016.

In 2014, founder Pak Razli and his wife Yusnair set up Paud Rumoh Aceh, a kindergarten school that provides free education for children whose parents could not afford the school fees. After the earthquake destroyed their school, the founders had limited resources to rebuild the school.

However, the founders persisted in providing education to the underprivileged children in their community. Together with the help of two other teachers, they continued to conduct classes in temporary shelters.

Inspired by their dedication to providing education for the children in their community against all odds, the idea behind DreamBox was born.

Moving forward, this project will require a collective effort of local and international partners working alongside Razli and Yusnair to support their dream of providing quality education to the underprivileged in their community.



The next project by HopeBox aims to build an eco-socio resort in Manado at Bitung fishing village.

Fishing is the singular economic activity for the village men where an average fisherman earns about $100 – $150 a month. Therefore, the objective of DiveBox is to help build a different economy by activating the women to build microbusinesses around eco-socio tourism.

The plan to do so is by transforming re-purposed shipping containers to affordable luxury and contemporary stay where it’s cheap, compact and eco-friendly!



Besides the unique stay, Bitung fishing village also offers tourists an array of activities to do in the day that includes:

Island Hopping

Diving sports

Fishing with the fishermen from 5 pm – 5 am

Fresh seafood

Local village activities

Culture appreciation


For the eco-lovers, sustainable energy and farming exploration tours will also be available.

In 2008, Manado hosted the World Ocean Conference, a prestigious international event that confirmed Manado not only as a world-class diving destination but also as the centre for marine science research.

The team behind Divebox hopes to not only build a different economy but also increase women participation in the workforce and empower women to contribute to economic growth.

For a start, there are some challenges the team face such as uneducated villages, little environment awareness and poor infrastructure.

Support needed

In a larger scale, here is what the project would require from locals and international partners:

– Dive Centre affiliations

– Diving training

– Hospitality training

– Global Sales and Marketing

– Infrastructure upgrade

– Capital investment (approximately $15k – $20k capital)

The product: Container stay

Price per day: USD100/box

First phase: 3 -5 boxes

Inclusive of meals, airport transfer

Guests are welcome to participate in village activities

Exclude diving, island hop and water taxi

By giving hope to those who need it most, we all can transform lives, one person, one box, one community at a time. Together, we can raise awareness and help the fishermen and their families out of the poverty cycle.

For more information on collaboration, please contact Joshua at or chat with us on the little pop-up chat box on your bottom right 🙂