Hello World! Foxwood LLC is Born!

A common question we get is Why the name Foxwood? Whats the significance?” We could wax lyrical about a touching story involving a boy whose only companion was an adorable fox until life cruelly tore man and furry friend asunder. We won’t. The less sexy truth is that we wanted a brand identity from the start and not just use the last names of the directors and so we matched various English words until something stuck. It did help that this exercise took place in Hong Kong at a lovely bar called Foxglove. If you like a place with great ambience, we highly recommend it. Link here for easy reference: http://foxglovehk.com/

What sort of law firm are you guys? This website is not quite what a traditional law firm looks or feels like.” Well spotted! We started this law firm after spending time as a consumer of legal services (the in-house counsel days), noticing that the legal delivery model needed to more closely align with the operating principles of a business. That means ‘doing more with less’ by adapting technology, process, and a business mentality to the delivery of legal services. We firmly believe that legal services can be more accessible,more affordable, easy-to-interact with, transparent, efficient, cost-effective, responsive, value/ metric/ and result-driven whilst not forgetting a better customer experience.

How are you going to achieve your goals?” We will do so by offering different levels of legal service to suit the needs of various businesses. This means that we can offer solutions that are of the self help variety (thus ensuring costs are low) all the way to a full engagement in the way of a more traditional law firm (complex matters with many moving pieces). Technology has allowed us to innovate and create the solutions mentioned above. Check out the short snazzy video below to see what solutions we are currently offering.

You can find the templates solution linked here and the artificial intelligence legal review solution here.

For the blog, we will be posting what we think are interesting topics as well as getting guest writers to write about the business challenges they face in their particular industries. Stay tuned!

Feel free to reach out to us at hello@foxwood.sg where we are always ready to support your needs. #wegotyourback