why choose us?

Value Add

Creating value for our clients is of the highest priority to us. We are driven in improving all facets of our services as we know that the improved efficiency then translates into both time and cost savings which can be channelled to our clients. Further, we have implemented a tier system approach (zero legal touch, light legal guidance and the full works) to give clients the flexibility in determining how much legal involvement they want. Check out our solutions below!

Business Oriented

A legal issue that arises cannot and should not be divorced from commercial reality. Solutions that solve the legal issues but do not help the business is no solution at all in our opinion. We believe in creating solutions with the bigger picture in mind for our clients. Sometimes problems can only be solved through collaboration and we are only too happy to work with other lawyers or professionals if it means delivering the ideal solution.

Fixed Fees

No hourly billings. We refuse to solve a problem by throwing more warm bodies at it and then charging the client for the additional labour costs. Right resource for the right task is our mantra. We agree on a fee with you and we make it work.